About Cyprus

This beautiful Island of Cyprus. Many of you coming to rent or purchase property in Cyprus will have been here many times and are familiar with the culture, time difference, monetary system (now euros) and of course the welcoming nature of the genuine Cypriot people.

It is believed Cyprus got its name from the ancient name for copper and as copper was mined here the colour of the islands flag also incorporates the colour copper it all makes sense. However Cyprus is also known as the island of love, due to the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was said to have risen from the waves that crash the shores of Cyprus.

Cyprus dons many fantastic beach resorts, quaint villages, marvelous mountains and sophisticated cities. Drop into almost any taverna, coffee shop or town market and you will feel the atmosphere of a way of life that has visitors to Cyprus wanting to return year after year after year.

If you’re coming to Cyprus to live and work the annual bank holidays are plentiful to be exact there are 16 in total. If you are coming to live and retire in Cyprus you can enjoy the many festivities surrounding the many festivals held on bank holiday. Every nationality joins in to make the occasion a truly memorable one each time.

Easter is the biggest holiday of the year in Cyprus as opposed to Christmas. It’s a wonderful religious festival shared by many cultures but Cyprus embraces it to every last detail.

Cyprus certainly is a gem of the Mediterranean

Bank Holidays
January 1st – New Year’s Day
January 6th – Epiphany Day
Green Monday (varies from year to year -50 Days before Greek Orthodox Easter)
March 25th – Greek National Day
April 1st – National Anniversary Day
Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church) varies from year to year -13/4/2012
Easter (Greek Orthodox Church) varies from year to year-15/4/2012
Easter Monday (Greek Orthodox Church)
May 1st – Labour Day
Monday of Pentecost – Kataklysmos (Festival of the Flood)
August 15th – Assumption of the Virgin Mary
October 1st – Cyprus Independence Day
October 28th – Greek National Anniversary Day
December 24th – Christmas Eve
December 25th – Christmas Day
December 26th – Boxing Day